Michael Healy-Rae is famous for politics, his love of Kerry and now - his passion for food. The culinary side of the popular politician will be exposed when Michael takes over as head chef in The Restaurant, and kicks off a brand new series of the cookery show. Michael knows the key to pleasing the critics on the night, and it comes from a source close to his heart - 'Hunger is the best sauce, my Grandmother always said it... whether they'll enjoy it or not, depends on whether they are hungry or not… I hope they haven't ate for the last three days!' Between his constituency work and running his businesses, Michael spent a lot of time devising his three course menu. He wanted 'fresh, local produce and just to try to be a little bit different'. For his starter, he's going for Sneem Black Pudding with Apple and Toasted Hazelnuts, along side Nettle Soup. For his main; Baked Mullet with Dublin Bay Prawns – 'straight off the boat and into the boot'.