Yeah, this wasn't the best with bona fide funny comedian Neil Delamere and the equally funny Mairead Farrell (it's not their fault the stilted studio lights of RTE sucked the humour out of them) hosting, so we find ourselves shuddering at the prospect of Dermot Whelan and Jennifer 'I went on The English Apprentice to be a proper business women, I swear' Maguire taking up the reins. To recap, Republic of Telly is Harry Hill's TV Burp's questionable cousin. It peddles itself as a topical comedy show in which the host makes unusual guest appearances on popular programmes, sends reporters out to ask strange questions and looks back at events of the past week. This week's show features John Creedon as Batman; comedian Damien Clarke goes to Copper Face Jacks to examine the mating habits of the young Irish (an nod to David McSavage, surely); Dermot appears in The Fast & the Furious; Jennifer Maguire talks about embarrassing sexual secrets. Plus The Rubberbandits return as the nation's agony aunts. Super.