Andy Dye and his wife Vicki have lived the good life for the last decade, enjoying all the luxuries they could afford, courtesy of Vicki's job running her own recruitment company and Andy's building firm, which also employed 21-year-old daughter Charlotte and her boyfriend Tom. Along with 13-year-old daughter Courtney, they all live in Essex. Cosy. As the recession hit, Andy's building business collapsed, leaving three of them out of work, and Andy questioning whether or not all the hard work was all worth it, and whether the three-car, three-holiday (?!) lifestyle was what he wanted anymore. So he persuaded the family to leave their creature comforts behind and join him on a life changing adventure - three weeks on a deserted island. Here they face the ultimate family test and re-evaluate their lives. A reality series involving a load of over privileged sorts from Essex 'stranded' on a tropical island... When did the BBC morph into Channel 4?