RTE2 are blessing us with some fine music this evening; there's this new interactive show and *ahems* the first Eurovision semier live from Moscow at 8.00pm... The Raw Sessions is presented by recording artist, actor and producer Dez (man, he must be TRENDY) Ryan and produced by Lotus Media. Independent artists including Majella Murphy, Rarely Seen Above Ground (RSAG), Sickboy, Noise Control, Dirty Epics, New Amusements, Infomatics and Sweet Jane will take part in the series with the goal of becoming 'Sony Ericsson Artist of the Year'. Each week The Raw Sessions viewers get the chance to decide the fate of the artists by voting for their favourite artist and original song that has been created in front of the cameras. The bands receiving the most votes move to the next round and a chance to record another new song at the exclusive Grouse Lodge recording studio in Westmeath. Week one sees Sweet Jane take on RSAG.