One could argue that giving airtime to such material is only glorifying 'going on a rampage', but Cutting Edge tend to handle such subjects with a level of sensitivity - one can only assume they will in this instance also. Raoul Moat was Britain's most wanted man, and for a week the hunt for him dominated the news. With access to hours of audio recordings that Moat made over two years, detailing his battles with the police and authorities, Cutting Edge provides an in-depth examination into his disturbed mental state. Using first-hand testimony, excerpts from the tapes and expert psychological analysis, the documentary asks what drove this fugitive gunman to kill. Featuring interviews with friends, relatives and neighbours who have known him for years, the film provides an insight into his character traits and motivations. Providing a forensic examination of the events leading up to Moat's murderous rampage, Cutting Edge unpicks the speculation and myths surrounding the killer whose suicide sparked a wave of sympathy and tributes online.