As part of a special week of programming which celebrates the golden era of 3D film-making, The Queen in 3D tells the story of two innovative young cameramen, Bob Angell and Arthur Wooster - now in their 80s - who filmed a 3D colour newsreel they named Royal Review . This newly discovered, unique 3D colour footage of the Queen during her Coronation year has never been seen before on television. And, if you're watching in Ireland, it will probably remain in 2D. You see, Sainsburys were giving out the ye olde 3D glasses in the UK, with the blue and the red lenses, and - according to various sources - these will be the only spectacles that work. You can try the dodgy looking Ray Ban knock off glasses you purchased for Up or the yoke with the gerbils, but they most likely won't work. Might be worth a try, though. While Bob and Arthur reveal the story behind their film, historians, royal biographers and eye-witnesses give a real sense of what it was actually like be there as they recall their poignant and often humorous accounts of the events in question. In a nostalgic project, Bob and Arthur set to shooting new 3D footage of the Queen today using state-of-the-art video 3D cameras. If you happen to have glasses that do work, and you don't loathe Derren Brown, stay tuned for Derren Brown Presents the 3D Magic Spectacular at 10.00pm.