In an age where boob jobs, liposuction, tummy tucks and botox are commonplace it would seem that women have found a new part of the body to worry about: their vaginas. They clearly have too much time on their hands. Vaginal cosmetic surgery on the NHS has doubled in the UK over the past five years and in the private sector there has been an estimated 300% increase in labiaplasties, making it the fastest growing form of cosmetic surgery in the UK. In this honest, witty and compassionate film, Lisa Rogers tries to find out why more and more women are considering vaginal surgery for either aesthetic or cultural reasons. Personally, I blame porn. Meeting her friends and family, girls who are considering surgery, sex therapists and plastic surgeons, Lisa tries to understand why girls as young as 16 are requesting this surgery on their labia. In doing so, Lisa not only reveals how British men and women feel about vaginas but is also forced to confront her feelings about her own.