Director Michael Ogden makes a highly personal journey back to his roots in Wythenshawe, Manchester, exploring his past as a closeted gay teenager in the 90s. Michael lived in a neighbourhood - home of Shameless and one of the biggest council estates in Europe - where being gay was far from accepted. To deal with his predicament, he lived a double life; to the outside world he was a straight, teenage boy playing football with the lads and going out with local girls, while secretly lusting over Ryan Giggs posters and getting intimate with boys on the estate. Sixteen years later, Michael has decided to retrace his past. He wants to know what happened to the kids in his old neighbourhood, including the girlfriend who admits she always thought one day she and Michael would get married. If you need to unwind after such viewing, you know, to stare slack-jawed at the screen, watching people doing utterly mundane things for few laughs, tune into the latest instalment of Friday Night Dinner at 10.00pm.