And just to prove it's not all about presents, and stuffing one's yapper, BBC1 are bringing us Tony Jordan's magical four-part adaptation of The Nativity, continuing in the lead-up to Christmas. In Nazareth Mary counts her blessings when her parents, Joachim and Anna, arrange her betrothal to a local carpenter, Joseph. He has a good heart and she grows to love him as he struggles to build them a home under her mother's watchful eye. In Bethlehem, Thomas the shepherd struggles to pay his taxes while his wife, Leah, is ill, weakened by the birth of her baby. Meanwhile in the East, the three Magi, Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar, gather to discuss signs in the heavens. As the prophecy has foretold, the planets are aligning to form a star heralding a great event. Andrew Buchan and Tatiana Maslany star, with Neil Dudgeon, Claudie Blakley, Peter Capaldi and Jack Shepherd. Continues tomorrow.