Of the thousands that applied, only four models remain. Said four have returned to Ireland, not much older but definitely wiser. This week the girls must draw on Erin O'Connor's catwalk advice as they audition for their first live professional fashion show produced by industry pioneer, Eddie Shanahan. The series promised London, Paris and New York - but this week's fashion challenge is in… Leitrim. The girls are just a few steps away from the final prize and Ellis needs to know how they are coping on a personal level before she can decide whether they have what it takes. However, the girls have no idea that award winning Irish designer Ciaran Sweeney has arrived in Leitrim to check them out as he needs a new face for his new campaign to be shot in Paris. As usual, one of them will have their dreams dashed by Ellis as only three models will be chosen to travel to the final heat in New York City with that real chance of being Ireland's next aspiring supermodel.