The story of Landina Seignon, a baby who was being treated in a Haitian hospital when an earthquake devastated the island in January 2010. Despite her vulnerable condition, she managed to survive being buried under rubble for two days before being rescued, and came to the attention of David Nott, a British surgeon who realised she needed specialist surgery - and could receive it at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. But difficult questions remained over her future, as she faced the prospect of returning to an orphanage or foster home in Haiti, many of which had been devastated in the earthquake. Would a girl with one arm and severe head injuries be able to survive there? Gilmore returned to Haiti and for more than six weeks searched for Landina's family. Eventually he was led to one of Port au Prince's most notorious slums, to the home of Landina's mother, whose name could not have been more fitting: Marie Miracle. Marie Miracle had grieved for her lost baby after being told she had died in hospital a day after the fire at her home. The film follows her joyous reunion with the baby she never dreamt she would see again.