Yeah, it's repetitive, but how we enjoy watching (some) couples fall apart under the pressure. Let the bickering and second guessing commence! Davina McCall hosts the seventh show of the new series of The Million Pound Drop Live , an extraordinary game show in which contestants can win or lose life-changing amounts of money live on TV. Filmed in a highly secure location, contestants are given their prize of a million pounds at the start of the show, but are then faced with eight tough questions that are linked to four trapdoors, each representing an answer, in order to hold on to the cash. They must put the money on the right answer in order to move to the next question. If they are unsure of the answer they can spread the money across the trapdoors, but if the answer is wrong their winnings will fall through the doors and be lost forever. Viewers at home, even us Irish by all accounts, can also join in online and play the exact same questions at the same time with their own virtual million pounds.