Davina McCall presents the game show in which contestants can win a million pounds - all they have to do is hold onto it until the end of the programme. And it's safe to say they rarely do, what with the tricky multiple choice questions. The couples are challenged to place large quantities of the cash over trapdoors in a series of questions, but face losing money every time they give a wrong answer. Some also face the demise of their relationship live on the telly with millions watching (while they're playing online - go to Channel4.com to lose your own virtual million). Following at 11.20pm is a repeat of Rhod Gilbert and the Award-Winning Mince Pie. If you didn't see Rhod on tonight's Graham Norton, he can be best described as the Welsh version of John Bishop. Anyway, the stand-up comedian takes observational humour to a new level as he tells the strange story of how an encounter with a mince pie at a motorway service station changed his life. Expect shouting.