Sinead O'Connor and Gay Byrne are clearly very fond of one another; he having known her for the whole of her public career - and putting up with her antics on the Late Late. In this interview, she talks at length about the difference between God and Religion: many religions seem to want to 'hold God hostage' and do all sorts of unspeakable things in his name - violence, prejudice, exclusion, etc. Although she says she has a strong personal relationship with Jesus, she says it doesn't really matter to her whether he existed as a human being, as portrayed in the Gospels. To her, Jesus's signficance is spiritual, not historical. Religion and spirituality are clearly topics that Sinead has given considerable thought to. Asked about her decision to become a priest in a schismatic Church, she says she doesn't regret doing it - she's proud of the fact - but does regret talking about it. You're not on your own there, Sinead. For her, part of the appeal of Rastafarianism is that it sees music as a form of priesthood, which is how she also sees it.