Former sports commentator, and fountain of youth advocator, Micheal O Muichertaigh reflects on his broadcasting career, which spanned more than six decades, and the role religion has played in his life, from the Masses he attended as a child to his dying mother's last words. He also offers his thoughts on the afterlife and his hopes for the future. Seemingly he hasn't any plans to meet his maker just yet, firmly hoping that it will be 'another fifty years' before the Bainisteoir in the sky calls him from the field. Which, given he's in his 80s, is typically optimistic. This clashes with tonight's other spiritually themed viewing; The Dalai Lama's Hero (10.15pm on UTV). It's a documentary chronicling the Tibetan spiritual leader's meeting with Derry-born Richard Moore and Charles Inness, the former soldier who blinded him as a boy after firing a rubber bullet - but whom he forgave.