This six-part series introduces an established figure running a successful tourism or craft business to an individual seeking to establish their own business in the same sector and sets them both a challenge. The master must pass on the secrets of their success and the apprentice must seize the opportunity to learn and put their lessons into instant practice. Over the course of one week, the apprentice is mentored by their master and works alongside them in their business (plug, plug, plug). They face a number of practical challenges set out for them by their master and designed to give them an insight into the realities of what it takes run a business and be successful. In the first programme, Nicholas Mosse, one of Ireland's most renowned master potters, is taking on an 33-year-old apprentice by the name of Shona Flood. In other 'orty' type viewing, poet Thomas Kinsella provides an insight into his career on RTE1 at 10.10pm.