After last week's talent show extravaganza we deserve a good Late Late in fairness, and this one looks daycent. First up, Michael Fassbender will be on the show! The Oscar nominated star will be on alongside the lovely Domhnall Glesson and Lenny Abrahamson to talk about their new film 'Frank'. Paolo Nutini will also be on to play a bit of a tune from his latest (and rather good) new album 'Caustic Love'. In a very brave move, Tom Meagher, Jill Meagher’s husband, gives his first Irish broadcast interview and talks about the his wife’s murder and the “chilling” moment when his wife’s killer first spoke in court. He will be coming on as he has just been announced as a National Advocate for the White Ribbon Campaign in Ireland. As well as that, Tom Dunne and the lads will be on as their band Something Happens celebrates their 30th anniversary with a special performance. Has to be 'Parachute' right?