It's shaping up to be a pretty decent Late Late Show lineup this week as it's been revealed that one of our absolute favourite Game of Thrones stars is set to appear. It's only young Arya Stark herself! Actress Maisie Williams is in town to promote her new Irish film called 'Gold' so she will be chatting to Ryan about that and of course her character Arya and what it's like to be part of a globally successful TV series like Game of Thrones. Maisie isn't the only great guest lined up, singer Ed Sheeran will also be on the show for a bit of a song, and Newstalk broadcaster Ivan Yates will also be in the mix. Also tonight, it will be the first European television appearance of John and Diane Foley, parents of photojournalist Jim Foley, who was horrendously beheaded by ISIS in Northern Syria on August 19th.