Have to say, we are really looking forward to one particular guest on The Late Late Show tonight and that is Oscar nominated actress Toni Collette. What can we say, she's Muriel. The actress will be in to chat about her role in upcoming movie Miss You Already and her time spent in Ireland filming Gerard Barrett's recent film Glassland, as well as some of her most famous flicks to date which of course include Muriel's Wedding, The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine and way too many more to mention.
Also tonight, Rugby stalwarts Tom McGuirk, Brent Pope and George Hook take an honest look at Ireland’s chances in the World Cup and discuss their new road show.
Brian McFadden gives his first big TV interview since he split with Vogue WIlliams, while Pauline Bewick talks about her 60 year marriage which has survived several affairs, including one with Luke Kelly, revealed for the first time in her new memoir.
But as we said, Muriel is on.