The kids are going back to school, Electric Picnic is here, and The Late Late Show is back tonight - it's safe to say, summer is over. It's not a bad line-up though, but a very Irish affair indeed. The band of the moment Picture This will be on the show, if you don't know who they are, ask someone younger than you like we did. Also on the show, ahead of this Sunday's momentous All-Ireland final between Galway and Waterford, hurling legend Henry Shefflin and his wife Deirdre will be chatting about life outside the Championship bubble.

Dr Eva Orsmond will also be chatting to Ryan about the eye-opening experience she had encountering the reality of poverty in Ireland while filming her new documentary Ireland’s Health Divide.

Viewers will also meet young Megan Halvey-Ryan again - last time she was on the show, she had been waiting 18 months for surgery to correct a double curvature on her spine and received word just hours before her Late Late appearance that her surgery had been booked in. She joins Ryan alongside mum Sharon on tonight’s show to fill viewers in on her recovery.

There will also be music from The Waterboys while Ireland’s most expensive lamb pays a visit.

Yep, we told you it was a very Irish affair.