I'd say Steven Pe... Po... you know the dude who had a brutal version of this show on BBC1 a while back? Anyway, I'd say he sobs loudly every time he watches this show. I bet he paws at his flat screen and has a crude effigy of Kevin Bishop on his person at all times, for luck. Point being, don't let Steven whathisface's show put you off catching this variant. It's not hilarious by any stretch, but it might make your lip curl the odd time, which is thrilling in itself. The sketches in this week's show include a Sugababes homage, Jack the Let Ripper (the infamous murderer who suffers a slight flatulence problem), When Harry Potter met Sally and The O.C.D.O.C.  (where Ryan and Marissa are meant for each other but something always seems to get in the way, like washing your hands seven times, or an undone shoelace). David Attenborough, Bill Oddie and David Starkey also get the Kevin Bishop treatment.