They think about it, they worry about it and - whether you want to acknowledge it or not - they do it. This new series offers a frank exploration of the love and sex lives of today's teenagers - presenting solutions to the emotional and physical problems many of them experience. Fronted by Dr Rachael Jones, social worker Ruth Corden, and resident sex coach Joanna Wierzbicka, the series revolves around visitors to the Sex Advice Shop walk-in clinic, where the team are on hand to offer young people, and sometimes their parents, support and professional advice. And 18-year-old Billie JD Porter acts as the show's roving reporter. No subject is off limits, from teen pregnancy to sexual performance and genital health, as the series shines a spotlight on issues that young people care about and experience in their love and sex lives. In this programme, Ruth and Dr Rachael meet 17-year-old Rachel and her mum Michelle. The two are at loggerheads because Rachel refuses to go on the pill.