The Irish in Hollywood summons up a cavalcade of legendary Irish stars, directors, producers, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, villains and beloved heroes who strode through a century of Hollywood history. This special TV3 documentary will tell for the first time the story of the Irish immigrants who were monumental figures in Hollywood from the earliest days. The stories of this rich cast of Irish Hollywood legends, including interviews from Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, Anjelica Huston, Brendan Gleeson and Saoirse Ronan, charts a journey through the history of Hollywood from its genesis as the movie capital of the world in the early 1900s. Pivotal Hollywood milestones will unfold as the back-stories of these legendary Irish artists who were pioneers, founders and the creators of the town and the industry they call The Movies. Of course, there's a slew of films on today, just check our Christmas TV Guide.