The first film in the new run of  First Cut , by new director Claire Braden, looks at what happens when money-saving spills into madness. Claire meets the men and women who have devoted their lives to saving money in the most extraordinary ways. Yorkshire farmer Gareth's only present to his long-suffering wife is a chainsaw so she can cut down wood for the fire. Ilona wears boys' underpants because they are cheaper and last longer than girls' knickers, and Welshman Ieuan is so tight that his girlfriend refuses to live with him, even though they have a child together. Mr and Mrs Hay own Duns Castle in Scotland, but the "lady of manor" shops in budget supermarkets, cuts dishwasher tablets in half and heats the castle to an absolute minimum. The film asks what it is really like to be a Scrooge, or even worse, to be married to one.