At the age of four, Rachel Roberts was placed in a Doncaster children's home. Now, 30 years later, armed with nothing more than a solitary photo from the 70s and some distant memories, Rachel is going in search of some of the other children from the home to find out where their lives have taken them. There are surprises around every corner as she meets a long-lost member of her family - whom she didn't even know existed - as well as unearthing some astonishing stories from her former housemates. Some encompass depression, tragedy and suicide; others offer optimism and a sense of redemption. Whether children are fostered, returned to their families or kept in care until adulthood, this Cutting Edge film for Channel 4's Britain's Forgotten Children season explores the effects of long-term care on them and the consequences for these fragmented families. Rachel's search is all about hope, lost identity and the power of childhood memories.