Would you let this man into your home? Thanks to Channel 4, a couple of people had to. Architect George Clarke and his creepy peepers are back to help families who have fallen out of love with their current houses... But this time the stakes are higher. From moving walls and staircases, to letting in light and opening up space, George has some ingenious ideas to radically alter room layouts, but will the families trust him with their money and their house? Ambitious projects on very tight schedules result in plenty of jeopardy for George, the builders, and the nervy owners. Packed with useful advice about costs and products, The Home Show reportedly inspires viewers to reassess what they've already got and make simple but bold changes, which will last a lifetime. In the first episode, George comes to the rescue of one family who have neglected their house for 13 years. All their savings provide George with a huge budget, but even that becomes stretched when he discovers the extent of the structural damage residing in the roof.