Nope. Still wouldn't open the door to him in a fit. That face just doesn't say to me "caring architect with a wealth of ideas to transform your living space at minimal cost. Anyway, this week, Mandy and Andy (seriously) agreed to let George into their home for a bit of a tinker. Mandy wanted a kitchen and Andy wanted a garage; architect George transformed their box-like beige house in Surrey - which had a beautiful view but the drabbest of interiors - into an open-plan stylish contemporary home complete with über-modern furniture. They were quite shocked by the results but claimed to love the yellow sofa. Now that the dust has settled, do they still love their new home? Which, if any, items did they ditch and have they really caught the design bug? George returns to find out. Are we alone in thinking that it's a bit premature for George to be having "revisit" shows?