It's the end of an era: the decade no-one can pronounce is coming to an end, and Channel 4 is celebrating with, you've guessed it, one of those list shows they're so fond of. They conducted a survey with the leading TV critics and industry figures, and asked the British public in a YouGov national poll, to tell us what they think was the greatest television of the last ten years. In a decade apparently dominated by box-sets, will the number one show be The Wire? And where will Big Brother chart? The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties counts down the 20 shows that represent the best of the decade. But has Friends made some enemies? Will the Dragons be scorched by 'Suralan Sugar'? And which is the only soap to make it into the top 20? From the rise of reality television to the rebirth of talent contests, and the sexing up of business shows, this programme reveals the trends and behind-the-scenes stories of the decade's TV. How a camera that starts recording before you press the button brought us the best of Planet Earth. Why Kevin McCloud has nightmares about Top Gear. And what does Louis Walsh really think about that glass of water incident? The Greatest Songs of the Noughties is on the following night.