Did you know that Graham Norton was actually born in Clondalkin in Dublin, and not in Cork? Yep, it's true. He grew up in Bandon, but his first entry into the world was in The Pale. So there you go. Dublin 1: Cork 0. On with the show: Tonight Graham has a couch chockablock with awesomeness as usual. Most importantly though, he will have Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender on the show! Did you know he was actually born in Germany? Okay, I'll stop now, as I'm starting to sound like that kid from Jerry Maguire. Joining MF on the couch will be Girls writer and star Lena Dunham, who should be a bit of craic, as well as Luther and Mandela actor Idris Elba. Keane will be providing the tunes, who are from Sussex... in case you were curious.