If you don't fancy drunkenly linking arms with a stranger or hurriedly hastening the end of a toilet break to get back out in time for the countdown stay in and join the Bandon native as he presents a festive edition of the chat show. Graham is joined by celebrity guests and music acts to get ready for the New Year. And later on as we crawl closer to 2011, New Year Live 2010, is on at 11.55pm, Presenter Jake Humphrey is in London to bid goodbye to 2010 and welcome in the New Year along with the chimes of Big Ben and a fireworks display.

The All Ireland Talent Show. 6.30pm. RTE1.
Grainne Seoige leads the search for a star from across the country as the auditionees compete to win 50,000 euros. And later on we have The All Ireland Talent Show - Results, 11.25pm, The viewers' verdict on the live show is revealed as one of the acts is sent out of the competition, which has a prize of 50,000 euros. Who will follow in the footsteps of last year's winner Chloe Coyle and who will be destined to consigned to forcing their relatives to watch re-runs recordings on Sky+ of how they "nearly made it."Meanwhile the inspiration behind shows like The All Ireland Talent Show, (the Lovely Girls Competition) will be on all evening on Channel 4. Celebrate New Year with our three favourite Priests and the Tea Queen Mrs Doyle with four episodes of Father Ted from 11.40pm onwards.