TV3 are banging out the new shows with gusto, and they can hold their own when it comes to documentary making. This brand new series follows series that follows the stories of 14 people from all over Ireland who are awaiting transplants. The programme also keeps tabs on the dedicated medical teams in the transplant centres in Beaumont, St Vincent's and the Mater Hospitals. It is an extraordinary behind the scenes look at the people for whom a transplant could mean a new life. In this first episode, we meet four people in dire need of a transplant some of who are luck others who are still waiting. Josephine McQuaid from Trim inn Co Meath who is waiting for a heart transplant, Sarah-Jane Mitten 22 from Enniscorthy need a new liver and Aidan Mulligan and Darren Cawley are waiting for a new kidney. In this episode we follow all the people over a period of months as they deal with their illness and the prospect of a transplant.