Comedian, presenter and (interesting fact alert) former barrister Clive Anderson presents a selection of clips providing a humorous look at the history of TV's relationship with politics, examining the things that can, and frequently do, go wrong. Indeed this is a repeat of Thursday's show but, as the TV schedules are all but hollering for X Factor to fill the Saturday night programming abyss, we have little else to choose from. Alternatively, you can settle down with yet another film, TV3 are screening Kiss The Girls at 9.00pm. Morgan Freeman stars as a forensic psychologist hunting for a psychopathic serial kidnapper prowling a university campus and responsible for his niece's disappearance. Working out of his jurisdiction, he defies local law enforcement officials to get to the truth - with the aid of one of the criminal's past victims, a headstrong doctor determined to see her former captor brought to justice.