Comedian and presenter Clive Anderson takes a humorous look at TV's relationship with animals through the years, presenting a selection of mistakes and mishaps from the small-screen archives. Think of it as a high-brow (pun intended), extended (it's an hour long, after all) installment of the funny animals snippets you see on You've Been Framed. If a montage of manic cats hasn't quite floated your proverbial, make your way over to BBC3 at 10.30pm for the latest installment of We Are Klang. The Klangbury Council klutzes are in a pickle again: Steve is in a coma, and the Annual Small Town Of The Year competition is looming, with rival town Midford-on-Sea hot favourite to grab the gong. All Klangbury has to offer is the Annual Potato Roll, Bin World and a distinctly off-putting theatrical showcase, as directed by pompous impresario Derek Upon-Tweed. It looks like curtains for Klang until a preposterous twist of fate hands them a lifeline, as a rich Hungarian prince appears out of nowhere, with millions to spend.