The latest run of the First Cut strand, showcasing original films by up-and-coming directors, continues with Estephan Wagner's most timely film. Wagner meets Noel Martin, a quadriplegic who wants to go to Switzerland for euthanasia, 13 years after he was paralysed in a brutal racist attack by neo-Nazis in East Germany. In 1996, Noel, a Jamaican Briton who was working as a plasterer south of Berlin, crashed his car when a concrete block was thrown through his windscreen. He was paralysed from the neck down. Noel's life is a daily struggle with bedsores, spasm attacks and cramps. His relationship with his ever-changing caregivers ranges from close companionship to cold unfriendliness. Three years ago, Noel's life-long dream came true and he bought a racehorse to compete at Royal Ascot. A miracle happened and the horse won. Noel became the first ever triumphant black racehorse owner at Royal Ascot. Although the horse has given him a passionate reason to live, Noel has now decided he wants to leave this mortal coil. This poignant, touching, and intimate look at the life of a courageous man explores the complex realities and emotions that are caught up in Noel's desire to end it all.