They've been advertising this as some kind've uncharted social experiment, but is it just an unscripted version of The Royle Family? A British family opens its doors to viewers in a major new eight-part observational series, documenting universal themes of family life. For nearly four months the Hughes family was filmed around the clock: dad Simon, 44, mum Jane, about to turn 40, and their four children: Jessica, 22, who lives nearby with her fiancé Pat and 10 month-old baby Ruby, Emily, 19, Charlotte, 17, and the youngest, 14-year-old Tom. In this week's episode, Jane's 40th birthday is approaching and the tension is building in the Hughes household. Nineteen-year-old Emily is frequently out on the lash and her nocturnal lifestyle threatens to overshadow the happy family celebration. Crazy stuff all together.