So, we're half way through 'director Jonathan Smith's intimate portrait of family life'. Has it taught us anything, bar that reality TV has well and truly gorged on itself? I haven't been able to watch it since warring mother and daughter collapsed on a bed singing Kate Nash to each other, but I might pause upon it tonight as the episode's title is 'The St. Valentine's Day Massacre'. Have Channel 4 finally gotten around to making reality snuff TV? Sadly, no. It's just dad Simon clashing with his wife Jane again as he feels unsupported in his attempts to discipline the teenagers. He is near the end of his tether and taking it out on everybody; perhaps not the best preparation for a relaxing Valentine's Day. Will the smile return to his face in time for a romantic meal for two with Jane? Does anyone care? Don't we have enough problems of our own without inviting in those of a spoilt, middle class family?