It's hard to believe we are already facing the season finale of The Fall, but it has always been six episodes a season so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. However, if you're planning your bank holiday Sunday around watching it, think again, as RTE are showing it tonight instead.

You can blame Nathan Carter, whose new show kicks off next Sunday.

It's set to be a 'dramatic' finale, which it would want to be, given that not a whole heap has happened the last few episodes. Saying that, it has been interesting to get into the psychology of it all and get a glimpse into why Spector became the man he did.

He's totally faking the memory loss though right?? The only way this finale could be in any way exciting is if he is. We also know this is definitely Jamie Dornan's last season with The Fall, if not the final season of the series altogether, so they'd want to go out with a bang.

Our theory is that he escapes somehow in some sort of brawl in the hospital and then he goes and finds that nurse... or Stella... or his wife and kids. And surely crazy Katie has been lurking around all season for some other reason than wrecking everybody's head?