Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, has spent more than 10 days on a Manchester housing estate to learn more about the problems of 'broken Britain'/get more telly time in this here new two part show. Her trip follows on from the success of the ITV1 show The Duchess in Hull in which she took her anti-obesity message to a Hull family to help change their diet and exercise regimes and help transform their lives. But as a result of her trip to Hull, the Duchess realises that the problems facing people today go much further than just obesity, and the film inspired the Duchess to take on this new project in Northern Moor, part of Wythenshawe, which is one of the largest council estates in Europe. She discovers more about the issues facing local people during her trip - drugs, crime, and a lack of community spirit, not to mention the degradation of the Queen's English: "Young people go out with their mobile telephones and their knives now. I've noticed a lot more violence, I've noticed bad language. Literally, you can't get some young people to do joined up writing, let alone joined up sentences."