A two hour special effect in search of a script, The Day After Tomorrow is one of Hollywood's attempts to convince the world that unless we clean up our act, bad things are going to happen. Very bad things. In the case of The Day After Tomorrow this means the destruction of the world, due to an inexplicable bout of global warming, which has something to do with the melting of the polar ice caps. Central to the narrative (and there's really not much of it) is Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), a climatologist who realises that the planet is about to be savaged by storms that will result in an ice age. Of course, nobody believes him but a crusty professor (Ian Holm). Meanwhile, Hall's son, Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) has gone to New York, which, funnily enough, is where the storms are most likely to converge. So what's Jack to do? Impressive visually, it's best watched with the volume down and Kenny Logins turned up full blast.