Shot in the form of a mockumentary (so no canned laughter, huzzah), this new comedy series focuses on a group of aspiring footballers who've only graced the planet a mere decade. As has become the norm; it's the overzealous parents who showboat the worst behaviour, not their little darlings. Terry McConnell is desperate for his 10-year-old lad Malky to get a trial for Bolton Wanderers. So desperate that, when his son is dropped from Ashburn United's league decider for missing a training session, Terry moves heaven and earth to persuade coach Tom Blackley to relent and play Malky from the start. The minor fact that his son would rather be whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen appears to have escaped Terry, who mostly enjoys confronting linesmen in a menacing manner. This show might require some perseverance initially, but we hear it's worth it.