The Culture Show is back for a new winter run, with an extended programme on Fridays, covering a range of subjects from a celebration of Motown to the genius of Picasso. The series kicks off with a mix of classical art and music, a masterpiece of British cinema and a rock diva. Andrew Graham-Dixon is in a campaigning mood as he launches himself into the controversial debate about the future of two works by Titian in the National Gallery of Scotland, currently on loan from the Duke of Sutherland. Mark Kermode celebrates another kind of masterpiece: it's 25 years since Local Hero was released, and Mark takes director Bill Forsyth back to the village of Pennan on the north coast of Scotland. Mark also reviews the pick of the week's new movies, including Ridley Scott's Body Of Lies starring Russell Crowe, and Waltz With Bashir - an animated documentary into the horrors of the 1982 Lebanon war. Lauren Laverne meets style icon, musical innovator and diva Grace Jones, who is back with her first new album in 19 years, Hurricane. With a reputation for fantastic, dramatic and flamboyant performance, what will happen when Lauren meets Grace?