Presented by Lawrence Pollard (don't worry, Kermode sticks his beak in also), this edition of The Culture Show comes from the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall, which features an unusual mix of literature, music, and summer entertainment. As author of The Damned United, which tackles Brian Clough's time as manager of Leeds United, as well as of the Red Riding Trilogy (which was recently adapted for TV), David Peace is the writer of the moment. Because his work is inextricably connected to his roots and upbringing in Yorkshire, The Culture Show sent fellow author Denise Mina, who writes crime fiction set in her own home town of Glasgow, to Leeds for a tour of Peace's home turf and to talk about his dark inspirations. Miranda Sawyer, meanwhile, interviews The Dead Weather; Jack White of the White Stripes's latest collaboration with a select group of indie rock stars, including Alison Mosshart of The Kills and Dean Fertita of Queens Of The Stone Age. Andrew Graham Dixon is at Tate Modern, while Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are in front of an audience once again to debate the merits of specific movie genres in their Screening Room. This week, it's the turn of "rock docs", including Gimme Shelter, Rattle And Hum and Anvil.