Episode two of the series sees Dan's grief over Cathy's death overshadowed by his obsession with hearing that Niall Boylan will escape relatively free from a serious conviction. Meanwhile, new locum Dr Grace Sefate makes an impact on her first day when her belongings turn up before her, unceremoniously dumped in reception by an aggrieved lover. This unusual entrance immediately gives Grace an air of intrigue but she immediately asserts herself as a capable and dedicated doctor. Lorcan starts to struggle with his illness, now that he is on a harsh course of anti-retroviral medication for his HIV, and he becomes increasingly moody and agitated. Meanwhile, Cara has well and truly stepped into Molly's shoes by becoming a surrogate mother to Kieran and Molly's baby, Hope. Kieran has found himself relying on Cara more and more, much to her delight.