Last Saturday night, the bejeweled and tangofied stars of Coronation Street, Doctors, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Hollyoaks gathered as (a lone) Phillip Schofield hosted the 11th annual ceremony honouring TV's most popular kitchen-sink dramas on Saturday night. There was everything to play for as 17 awards were announced, including Villain of the Year, Spectacular Scene of the Year, Best Actor and Actress, Sexiest Male and Female and the ultimate accolade - Best British Soap, won last year by the BBC's EastEnders. It might also be worth mentioning at this point that the awards takes place at BBC HQ every year... You can cast a judgmental eye over the red carpet fashion/catastrophies by paying a visit to the Celebrity Gossip page. Be warned; the names of the winners are listed at the very bottom of the article - just in case you want to keep their identities a secret until you watch the ceremony.