This is probably the most groundbreaking action film since Die Hard introduced the world to reluctant hero John McClane in the late 80's. Matt Damon makes a career defining appearance as Jason Bourne, an assassin with a nasty case of 'the forgets', who gradually realises he has the ability to hand out all kinds of ass-whoopings. Dragging along reluctant German broad Franka Potente for the ride, Jason cracks skulls, breaks wrists and drives really really fast, all while looking slightly apprehensive. Before director Doug Liman offered Damon this role (after Brad Pitt turned it down) the Oscar nominee was on a bit of a downward spiral, having had a couple of notable flops. But this film's (and its excellent sequels) success saw him once again ascend the A-list rapidly. A genuinely thrilling and exhilarating action film with a career defining turn from Damon.