After being pulled out of the Mediterranean by some Italian fishermen with a couple of bullets lodged in his back and a Zurich bank code in his hip, a young man (Damon), who is suffering from amnesia, goes in search of, well, his identity. We soon discover that his name is Jason Bourne and he was one of a team of highly trained CIA assassins, headed by Conklin. Bourne's mission was to kill an African politician, threatening to spill the beans on the agency's more dubious practices. Since he's failed in his task, it's up to Conklin and his other agents to haul Bourne in. Problem is, although Bourne doesn't have a clue who or what he is, the skills that he has been taught are quickly coming back to him. An enjoyable outing, starring Franka Potente, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen and Brian Cox, which respects the limitations of its source material.