A body is found dead in the water, as the new forensic crime drama starring Tara Fitzgerald and Keith Allen continues. The body is identified as Connor Ryan, a 35-year-old male. He was part of the crew of a trawler in a small fishing community. Eve is brought to the harbour to examine the body, where Hale explains the rest of the crew are also missing - on board with Connor was skipper, Patsy Fay, and Tom Wilkes, a marine biologist. They discover the boat was originally hired by Wilkes to collect samples for a study of local waters, but Hale, Eve and the team soon realise all is not what it seems. As ever, they work together to investigate the unusual disappearance of the crew and determine the cause of Ryan's death. what happened to the other two people on the boat, who have mysteriously disappeared. Tara FitzGerald and Keith Allen star in the forensic crime drama, with David Harewood and Joe Duttine.