Tonight sees the first of a two-part story to celebrating 25 years of The Bill. Yay. Undercover as a taxi driver, DC Terry Perkins is parked along the Embankment as the sun rises, with Alan Brady in the back of his car. He is horrified when a young German girl, Charlotte Fischer jogs past and Brady, armed with a gun, bundles her into the car and demands that Terry drive off. Back at Sun Hill, DCI Jack Meadows is informed about the kidnap and, along with DCs Mickey Webb and Kezia Walker, heads to the hotel where she was staying with her mother, Helen, and stepfather, Karl Wegner. Jack is irritated when his German equivalent and Charlottes godfather, Hajo Trautzchke, questions the family along with DC Ina Zimmermann. Eventually Jack realises that the taxi firm Terry is working undercover for is involved in the kidnap and that they will have to work closely with the German police. This is the very reason we don't usually highlight The Bill; the only thing more boring than watching it is writing about it.