Nine celebrities including the likes of Ronan Keating, Gary Barlow, Cheryl Cole and, eh, Chris Moyles, have all agreed to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, all in the name of Comic Relief. The cameras follow them all the way as they train, and then tackle the foreboding peak. This was only filmed a week or two ago, as Cole was away doing this when husband Ashley was arrested by the fuzz for being lamped, or something, outside of a nightclub - so it'll be pretty funny if she gets a phone call on camera with the news. What else might be funny is Chris Moyles dragging that corpulent back door up a mountain. That said, it's all in the name of charity, and these folk are swapping the lavish lifestyle of a celebrity (well, Ben Shepard is probably doing it instead of watching telly, or something) for the testing conditions of Mount Kilimanjaro. Should be a revealing watch, if nothing else.