Marking the penultimate week of this show (I know; we're not sure what we're going to highlight of a Wednesday once it's over either), this here special programme aims to profile the remaining five candidates. Parents, friends and former bosses, along with Alan Sugar's trusted aides Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the final contenders for this year's crown. Revealing the true stories behind their super-confident egos, we discover what really makes these budding business men and women tick. In case you've only been half-following the proceedings; James is the only male candidate remaining. Yep, the guy who openly admitted to weeing himself a little bit in the boardroom. He's come a long way and is often the voice of reason. As for the four ladies; Kate is the only normal one. Deborah and Yasmina would off each other in a fight, while Lorraine is the wrong kind of special. Following at 9 bells is our favourite part of The Apprentice: the interviews with some of Sir Alan's trusted business colleagues. They generally give the candidates a rough time by putting their personal and professional lives under the microscope, before presenting their findings in the boardroom.